Spicy Crispy Rice with Lobster and Water Chestnut

Cheuk Chuen Kwong , Chinese Chef of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing
Photo by: Four Seasons

Spicy Crispy Rice with Lobster and Water Chestnut 龙马精神, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing 北京四季酒店

50g Steamed rice
Cooking oil to coat pan
250g Lobster, chopped
50g Onion, chopped
50g Shallot, chopped
30g Water chestnut, chopped
100g Sweet and sour sauce
20g Lettuce
龙虾仔,酸辣酱, 洋葱粒,小葱粒,马蹄粒,虾粒, 米饭,西生菜

1. Heat a wok over the medium heat. Add the steamed rice and fry it until it turns yellow and crisp. Set aside to cool.

2. Meanwhile, heat another wok with cooking oil over low heat. Add chopped lobster and cook it until it’s halfway done. Add the onion, shallots and water chestnuts, and cook until done.

3. Add the crispy rice, and season with sweet and sour sauce. Remove from heat.

4. Heat a deep fryer with cooking oil. Deep fry the noodles into a cup shape until it turns golden brown. Prepare 6 cups, then allow them to cool.

5. Add the prepared crispy rice into the prepared noodle cups. Garnish with small lettuce leaves.


1) 炸米饭;虾球低油温过油;洋葱粒、小葱粒、马蹄粒过油小炒,放入酸甜酱,与脆米、虾球一起炒。
2) 炸面丝成碗状。
3) 在面丝碗中放入西生菜垫底,再放入炒好的米饭。

Note from the Chef:
Instead of serving it into the plate, I would like to deliver an extra special of dining experience to the guests. Serving the fried rice into a multi-small deep-fried noodle cups allows you to taste all the perfect taste of everything at one bite. It is also a good idea for cocktail party.



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