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Shanghai Times Cocktail, Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai SERVES 1 We are delighted to share the Shanghai Times Cocktail, a

Steamed butter crab with Shanghai sausage and glutinous rice, Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai SERVES: 10 Ingredients: 3 1/3 lb (1.5

Stir-Fried Eel, “Shanghai Style,” Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai SERVES 4 Ingredients: 300g eel, cleaned and shredded into 10cm per piece.

In the heart of china, chefs sling long strands of noodles, slamming them onto metal counters with a distinctive “thwack!” often in open view of diners. It’s the love of fresh noodles that has inspired China by Four Seasons to come up with eight authentic noodle recipes.

Yellow Croaker Fish, Egg Noodle Soup, Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai SERVES: 4 Ingredients: 1 pc 400 g yellow croaker fish,

Braised Noodles with Yellow Croaker and Chinese Pickles, Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai SERVES: 3 Ingredients: 350g noodles 100g Chinese

Recipes for traditional Zongzi dumplings vary widely. Here, three Four Seasons chefs share their recipes for this traditional Chinese delicacy.

Mark the Year of the Horse with plenty of lucky foods for family and friends, including four Chinese New Year recipes from Four Seasons chefs. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

The Absolute Chocolate Creation, Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai SERVES 2 Ingredients: 4 ¼ oz (120 g) Valrhona dark chocolate

Savoury or sweet, traditional or reinvented, enticing mooncakes are at the heart of China’s Moon Festival. Here’s what you need to know about this exclusive delicacy.

Known as one of the old-school Shanghainese style breakfast with soybean milk, fried bread stick and Chinese pancake, Deep-Fried Rice

七宝饭糕 Qi Bao Rice Cake, Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai 1. 七宝方糕产是上海非常有特色的土产点心之一 The Qi Bao rice cake is one of the

Date Me Cocktail, Four Seasons Hangzhou at West Lake SERVES 1 For the Date Me Cocktail, we used South Black

Zongzi (Glutinous rice, sea salt egg & pork belly dumplings), Four Seasons Shanghai at Puxi SERVES 1 per person Ingredients:

There isn’t a better place to order Beggar’s Chicken than in Hangzhou, where it is thought to have originated. Legend

This year, as China celebrates the Year of the Snake, traditional themes of prosperity, longevity and happiness are woven into menus at the Four Seasons properties across the region.

This special time of year means mooncakes, matchmaking, incense and dragon dances. In fall in Singapore, traditional mooncakes are all-time favourites, once

Bali at Jimbaran Bay Phone: 62-361-701010 Kuta Selatan Sundara From lunch to late night, this spectacular beachfront restaurant offers eclectic