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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts around the world are home to some of the most beautiful and unique event spaces, fit for grand soirees or intimate gatherings. Here’s a list of our top ten event spaces around the globe.

Steamed Green Chive Dumplings, Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Cotai Strip®  SERVES 1 Ingredients for Dough: 7 oz (200 g) leek,

Smoked Salmon Confit with Papaya and Pomelo Salad, Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Cotai Strip® SERVES 6 Ingredients: 1 ½ cups

“Casquinha” Staffed Crab Shells, Four Seasons Hotel Macao SERVES: 4 Ingredients: 9 oz crabmeat 1 oz black olives, chopped 2

In the heart of china, chefs sling long strands of noodles, slamming them onto metal counters with a distinctive “thwack!” often in open view of diners. It’s the love of fresh noodles that has inspired China by Four Seasons to come up with eight authentic noodle recipes.

Shrimp Roe Noodles, Four Seasons Hotel Macao SERVES 4 Ingredients: Fresh Chinese Egg Noodles ½ pound Oil 2 tbsp Spring

Your guide to Four Seasons restaurants that have been awarded coveted Michelin stars for excellence.

Savoury or sweet, traditional or reinvented, enticing mooncakes are at the heart of China’s Moon Festival. Here’s what you need to know about this exclusive delicacy.

Rice in soup with vegetables and assorted seafood, Four Seasons Hotel Macao Ingredients: 4 oz (120 g) winter melon 1

Over the centuries, the Macanese have blended southern Chinese and Portuguese flavours, borrowing and refining approaches from Europe, Africa, India, southeast Asia, and Latin America. To celebrate this unique cuisine, Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Cotai Strip ® is partnering with the Macanese Gastronomy Association and holding a Macanese Food Festival from June 4 to July 8.

The Chinito Cocktail, Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Cotai Strip SERVES 1 The inspiration behind Chinito is the attempt to create

February is a month full of comfort-food cravings and dreams of tropical getaways. Here’s your ticket to a world where fried chicken magically appears on your plate and exotic local delicacies are just a quick plane ride away…

This special time of year means mooncakes, matchmaking, incense and dragon dances. In fall in Singapore, traditional mooncakes are all-time favourites, once