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Starting September 15, the Four Seasons Food Truck will embark on a nine-city culinary tour down the East Coast, serving up plenty of gourmet street food along the way.

We’ve compiled a list of these once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable epic dining experiences so you can see how to enjoy the best cuisine set against some of the most dramatic backdrops.

Crispy Chia-Calamari Tacos, Charred “Xoconostle” Salsa, Four Seasons Hotel México City, DF SERVES: 4 Ingredients: 1 cup Calamari, strips, include

When we posted Facebook pics of us sautéing scallops behind the line in the Four Seasons kitchen with Executive Chef Andrew Cooper, we immediately got dozens of “likes,” envious oohs and ahs. I mean, who doesn’t want to play high-profile chef for a day?

Smoky or sweet, mild or searingly hot, chiles are at the heart of authentic Mexican cuisine. Chef Edgar Kano shares how to use arbols, cascabels, habanaros, poblanos, pasillas and more.

From a “hot chocolate doc” who makes house calls to hot chocolate infused with green chiles, Four Seasons definitely knows how to put the “haute” in hot chocolate. Warm up with one of these satisfyingly rich and delicious treats, plus get a recipe for hot choc with a kick: green chile hot chocolate.

In honour of the upcoming holidays, we are launching our “Holiday Expert on Call” feature, where fans can ask their holiday entertaining questions in an online Q&A on our Facebook page.

From gourmet breakfast granola and Oktoberfest fare to Mexican cuisine and Korean fusion: if it was fresh, innovative and unbelievably delicious, it was on the menu at the FS Taste Truck. Here are the highlights, including new pictures, from the eight-week tour.

This week, on the final week of the tour, the FS Taste Truck visits sunny Santa Fe, NM. True to the area’s southwestern roots, the culinary team is serving up breakfast gorditos and sandwiches, chili cheese fries, churro, abualita (Mexican hot chocolate) and other delectable menu items.

It’s your last chance to sample FS Taste Truck gourmet on-the-go food: it completes its tour of the southwest with a final week in Santa Fe, NM.

La Vie en Rose, Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, D.F. SERVES 1 Ingredients: 1 fresh lychee 1 tsp (5 ml) lychee

Vacherin with Ice Cream and Sorbet, Four Seasons Hotel México D.F. SERVES 6 Ingredients for Almond Swiss Meringue: ½ cup

Summertime Cocktail, Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, D.F. SERVES 1 Mangos are just coming into season at this moment in Mexico.Our

As Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for about eight years now, the Brit —

From Maldon to Himalayan, unique types of salt are turning up everywhere from markets to grocery store shelves. We asked Four Seasons chefs for their favourite ways to cook with regional salts in their corners of the world.

Remember the days (think: ’80s) when bartenders would light drinks on fire? They’re back. And we’ve got three hot recipes for you to try at your next party.

In a Golden Globes segment at Four Seasons Los Angeles, Chef Ashley demonstrated how to prepare healthy dishes and juices to ready Hollywood’s A-listers for their red carpet close-ups.

From ski hill trends to tequila tastings, here’s our monthly smorgasbord of mouthwatering tidbits from around the world. Dig in!

For gourmands, culinary voyeurs and people who simply enjoy a good meal and a great glass of wine, there’s good news. 2012 saw a record number of creative new dining and drinking establishments open at Four Seasons hotels and resorts around the world, and there’s more to come in 2013.

A few minutes. That’s all we expected. A friend and I waited for Chef Ashley James — the executive chef

In Japan, where my mother’s family is from, labor-intensive New Year preparations begin weeks in advance. Houses are cleaned from

We’re all familiar with the typical food magazine shot: a gleaming white plate with a close-up of a pasta dish, rich with colour and depth. And although Taste photographer Penny De Los Santos plays by similar rules, her point of view is a little more extraordinary.

Atlanta Phone: 404-881-9898 75 Fourteenth Street NE PARK 75 Tasting menus are favourites at dinner, where classic meets contemporary. The

Atlanta Phone: 404-881-9898 75 Fourteenth Street NE PARK 75 Tasting menus are favourites at dinner, where classic meets contemporary. The

Chile is synonymous with autumn in New Mexico. And disciples of the spicy-sweet peppers who flocked to the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta this year had a luxe new spot to stay.

Pineapple-Lime Agua Fresca, Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, D.F. Ingredients: 2 cups (500 ml) fresh pineapple juice 1/4 cup (50 ml)