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Apart from her reputation as a city of cultures, Chiang Mai is also well known for her unique and distinctive flavour of the traditional cuisine.

Tour the gardens of Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai with the resort’s gardener, who will introduce an array of flowers that taste as good as they look. Freshly picked and sampled in the field, guests are introduced to new flavours that they can later experience on the menu in the resort’s restaurants.

Dumplings are a mainstay of Asian cuisine, available in a truly remarkable array of shapes and fillings. Our vote for “Prettiest Dumpling” has to go to the Thai specialty known as Chor Muang.

The Chiang Mai, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai SERVES 1 Within a hundred miles in Thailand, you’ll be able to

No trip to the lushly terraced rice fields of Chiang Mai would be complete without a cooking class at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai’s famous indoor-outdoor pavilion. Get a virtual taste of your first lesson here — a Q&A with the instructor and two of his best recipes.

The Bubby initiative, part of the year-long Cocktail Quarterly campaign, launches November 1 at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts around the world, and properties are offering their favourite versions of carbonated cocktails.

Food lovers of all ages can test their skills and learn from the best with cooking classes at Four Seasons hotels and resorts from Chiang Mai to Punta Mita.

Discover the secrets of Thai cuisine at the Cooking School at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and learn how to recreate the perfect Thai kitchen back home.

Embark on the ultimate epicurean adventure with a trip around the globe.

Lemongrass & Raspberry Chocolate Praline, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai SERVES 20 Ingredients: 7 oz (200 g) Danish cream 5

Seven festive cocktails, coming right up! Celebrate the holidays in style with these delicious and innovative recipes from Four Seasons.

Hosted by Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok from September 2 to 8, the prestigious World Gourmet Festival offers exclusive opportunities to learn from the world’s greatest tastemakers and dine on unforgettable meals. Here are 10 of the many reasons send your taste buds into overdrive by making a reservation now.

Turn humble produce into edible sculptures with the centuries-old Thai tradition of fruit and vegetable carving. (Talk about a great party trick!)

Shaved Ice with Fresh Fruit (Narm Kang Sai), Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai SERVES 2 Ingredients: 1 cup (228 g)

He’s cooked sold-out dinners in Bangkok, taught sushi technique in Costa Rica and studied cooking in his hometown of Hakodate, Japan. Chef de Cuisine Masa Shimakawa still jets the globe — favorite kitchen tools in tow.

A two-month-long celebration of Thai food at four- to six-star hotels throughout Thailand (including Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok)? Mi pord! (That means “Yes please!” in Thai.)

If celebrity chefs are your thing, this is your new annual event to attend. Thailand’s World Gourmet Festival — Sept. 3 to 9

Bali at Jimbaran Bay Phone: 62-361-701010 Kuta Selatan Sundara From lunch to late night, this spectacular beachfront restaurant offers eclectic

Red Tilapia Grilled in a Banana Leaf  (Pla Tub Tim Ping) SERVES 2 Ingredients for curry paste fish marinade: 2